Our Region

The municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas, began to operate as a municipality at 1/1/2011, after the reform of Local Government in Greece, which is known as “Kalikratis”. It is consisted of the former municipalities of Peta, Arahthos, Kompoti and Kommeno. The headquarters of Nikolaos Skoufas are situated at Peta.


Ο Δήμος Νικολάου Σκουφά, ξεκίνησε τη λειτουργία του από 1-1-2011,  με την εφαρμογή του προγράμματος «Καλλικράτης».

The municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas is a historic municipality. First of all it is named by Nikolaos Skoufas , who was a national hero and one of the co-founders of “Philiki Eteria”. Philiki Eteria played a major rol


e before and during the Greek Revolution against the Ottomans (1821). Famous is the Battle of Peta at 4th of July of 1822 and in the recent historic years, the massacre of Komeno at 16th of August of 1943 during the World War II by the German Army.


limniNikolaos Skoufas is also a land of unique beauty, as it has impressive geographical variations in natural landscape.
In the northern part lays Peta with the traditional Square, the Church of Saint George, the Monument of Philellinon the Monastery of the Virgin, the Folklore Museum and the beautiful artificial lake of Pournari. From Peta one can enjoy panoramic views of Arta and Amvrakikos Gulf.
In the same area are situated the villages of the Klisto, Zigos, Markiniada, Megla and Melates which offer breathtaking views of the lake. Going downhill one will meet the villages of Agios Dimitrios, Neohoraki, Amphithea and Megarchi.
In the centre of the municipality is situated the village of Kompoti. There one can visit the Turkish outposts (once at this area where the borders of the Greek State and the Ottomans Empire), the port and the 

Environmental Centre of Koprena, the Rama Beach at the Amvrakikos Gulf, and also the villages of Selades, Fotino and Peranthi. andriantas_nskoufa2 The southern part of the municipality is mostly plain and full of small rural villages. Arachthos River flows in the middle. There one can visit the villages of Sykies, Loutrotopo, Neochori, Pachikalamo, Akropotamia, Anthotopo, Agia Paraskevi, Kolomodia and of course the village of Komeno.

The municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas has four municipal regions:

  • Municipal Region of PETA
  • Municipal Region of Kompoti
  • Municipal Region of Araxthos
  • Municipal Region of Komeno


Nikolaos Skoufas is a land with warm and hospitable people, with magnificent landscapes, with strong and rare pictures and it is a land worth to visit!