Mayor's Biography

Dear citizens and friends


I was born in 1960 at Kompoti – Arta. I went to school there and after the Lyceum I studied Pharmacology at the University of Sassari in Italy. I work as a Pharmacist since 1990 at Kompoti. I am married with Diana Maria-Veatriki who is a Pharmacist too, and we have two daughters, Nafsika and Mariangela.

I have been the Manager of the Football Team “SKOUFAS Kompotiou” F.C. for several years and a member of the chamber of the Cultural Club of Kompoti as well. I was, also, the general secretary of the Pharmaceutical Club of Arta, a member of the chamber of S.Y.F.A. and member of the chamber of SYFART. I was elected President of the Waste Management Association of Arta in 2005 for the first time. Since then I continued to be elected until 2013. At the election of 2013 for the new Association of Waste Management in the Region of Epirus, I was elected again for President. I am also the President of the Association for the Water Supply of the Rural Municipalities of Arta’s County since 2011.

I speak Italian fluently, as well as English. I was elected Mayor of the Municipality of Kompoti at 2002 with 62,60% and then I was elected again in the elections of 2006 with 81,06%, being a good and successful Mayor for the citizens of our land. In the elections of 2010 I was elected Mayor of the new, reformed under ‘Kalikratis”, municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas with 54,95% and then in the elections of 2014, I was elected again Mayor with 55,28% from the first elections.

Dear citizens, I want to thank you all for the trust you show in my person, and I want you to be sure that we, all together, will make the best of our effort for our land.


Efstathios Gianoulis